Thursday, June 19, 2008

No rain---YEAH!

We didn't get the forecasted rain last night or this morning.


I know we may get some this evening, but I am hoping it will hold off. Hubby, kids and I are supposed to go to a Cessna event at the zoo this evening with friends and I would love for it to not rain so we can actually have fun.

It would also be great to have a couple rain free days so the wheat fields can dry out a little and the farmers can finally harvest before it's too late. We have several fields around our town that are really needing to be harvested but the water that is standing not only keeps the grain to moist to harvest, it makes it darn near impossible to get the equipment in the fields. I love seeing fields of wheat--it is one of the best things about living where we do--but I also hate seeing crops go unharvested. There are to many farmers that need a good year.

I was looking at Noni handbag patterns yesterday when I was at The Beadery. I found several that I REALLY liked, but I think I am going to wait until I finally finish the Lucy bag that I have had a pattern and yarn already. I love the Lucy bag, but it has been a part of my stash for WAY too long now. Time to get crackin' on it so I can reduce my stash over the next two months I am doing "Mamas on the Compact". That starts in July and runs until the end of August. I will extend it as I see fit, but the 2 months is a good first time goal. I am hoping to learn a little creativity when faced with the need to buy something. It's something I could stand to learn. I have a huge stash of lots of things and really need to used up what I have.

After I pick the boys up, I go to Twist for part of the day to hang out with Shelly. It is nice to have her back in town after she went to the Estes Park Wool Market with Angelique. It sounds like she was having fun. The temperatures at Estes Park run quite a bit cooler that it does here in Wichita, so I'm sure it was hard to part. She brought me back some REALLY neat top in just my colors. What are my colors? Just envision Mardi Gra throwing up..Yep, nice visuals, right? OK. Envision really bright, outrageous colors. Now put blocks of them together. Reds, purples, greens, electric blues, yellows etc--on steroids. Those would be my colors. L-O-V-E-D the top! By now Shelly knows whenever we get yarn that is "HOLY CRAP bright" I will probably hoard it.

I guess I'd better sign off for now since I just heard little feet hitting the floor. That would be the thump of cats jumping off the kitchen table.

The kitchen table they are NOT supposed to be on.


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