Thursday, July 26, 2007

21 years ago....

.....I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Yep, I am now the proud parent of a 21 year doesn't seem like that long ago. Things I am thankful for:

1. We got away from his father, who has serious problems that didn't become evident until late.... Luckily we haven't heard from him since court in 1999. That was when everything came to a head and we found out that Mike and his wife Kellie had endangered my son. The stepmother was suspected of Munchhausen's syndrome and Munchhausen's by proxy--that's when you make outrageous claims about a child being ill in order to get attention. Guess who the child was? It was a very hard period for our family but I am ever so thankful for my husband, who was my center of gravity as all the craziness was exposed--all of which I had no idea.

2.I am also thankful for the mediator who then became our case manager -- she recognized and saw through his lies and drew a line legally. We were so completely blessed --it seemed like God put people in our path to protect and advocate for our family. We are forever thankful. As a result, oldest child has grown into a man that I am extremely proud to call mine...

3. I am extremely thankful for the support system I found when Mike bailed and I thought I couldn't be a single parent.

I recognize the blessing of my son and the journey...both his and mine. He has grown into a fine man and has retained the manners and compassion he had all throughout childhood. He is a great kid and I am proud!

Life has it's twists and turns, but hang in there! Oh, and my son's eyes really don't glow red...that's the dreaded photo eye...oldest would think it was cool, so I kept it.

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