Monday, July 09, 2007

Since Blogger won't let me post titles in the title bar....I will be improvising from here on out. If anyone out there has had the same experience and knows how to correct it, PLEASE email me with your advice. It will be appreciated!

The twins go to a three day overnight camp in the morning. That means DH and I will have the house to ourselves....Hmmmmm. Actually my biggest plan for the couple days is to get a second quilt started. I have enough in my stash to start one that will require a lot of cutting, but it is strip pieced so it should go fast. I also intend to get out a couple old unfinished knitting projects. It would be nice to be able to send some warm hats and scarves to Brandon and his girlfriend.
Iowas winters are probably quite a bit colder than here. I have already decided these will be made from either acrylic or super wash wool. Brandon forgets that wool needs to be hand washed. Did you know that a 6 foot scarf does not end up measuring 6 foot by the time you wash it in cold with jeans? I am sending my next felted projects to that kid. He can felt asto-turf!!

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