Monday, July 23, 2007

Pictures from the weekend

Divers getting ready to go off the dock. This was actually taken from our bedroom window while I hung out and worked on my applique technique. I took a hand applique class Thursday, so this weekend at the lake gave me the perfect excuse to practice. Since everyone but me was out diving, I had complete was heaven!!! I wandered down to the shore a couple times and was amazed at how clear the water is at Beaver Lake (Arkansas). I went out on the dive boat with a group Sunday to just hang out on the water. I really think I could get used to living lakeside!
Cute man playing Loch Ness Monster.....
Absorbing knowledge from the instructor and water from the lake.....
View from the dock---it was sooooooo pretty! I can't wait to go back again!
The last guy that favored these hand signs had a little trouble with WATER too....For those of you young puppies, do a Google search for Nixon or Watergate...see you get a history lesson with this post!
Since he wasn't diving deep this time, cute man didn't put on his wetsuit. Needless to say, he got a little red this weekend...
We stayed in a cabin owned by the company he took dive lessons from (Pro Ski) . They have trips down every weekend. Since the Cessna diving club organized this, there were a lot of Cessna people there and a couple others that weren't. It was really fun! I am looking forward to going again. Next time I am considering renting a small car and following the van. This will give me the opportunity to run into Eureka Springs while the rest of them dive to their hearts content.

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