Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Whine and no wine...

It's the little things you find missing after a move that gets you....We have a small wine collection and tonight I just wanted a glass of something good...not happening....we have everything EXCEPT the wine cork. And since I didn't want the kids to think Mom had flipped her cork, I abstained from chunking out the cork with a knife...it was tempting, but add to that the thought of swallowing minuscule chunks of cork....I guess I will be buying a wine cork tomorrow. Darn it!
The funny thing is the bottle I decided to open is from 2001. I used to not understand how someone could store a bottle for years. Now I know. I tend to like wine on the sweet side with the exception of some Auslese. I adore Rieslings....There is a really good winery here in Kansas, Smoky Hill Winery, that we love. If you get to Wichita, stop by their store Under the Cork in New Market Square. They have a tasting bar so you can find the one that's right for you. We had a group tasting there once for our dinner group and it was interesting to see who like which wines. I actually like a chardonal they had--it was dry, but good. I was surprised. I bought a bottle. One day cute man and I are going to have a tasting party at our home --- once we get all the furniture bought and organized. It helps to have places for everyone to sit.

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