Thursday, July 05, 2007

And a Happy Wednesday to You!

Oldest son got to Iowa and has called a couple times to tell me the town he is in is really pretty. We will be going to visit sometime in August before the twins start school so we can explore where he is living and bring him a car. His had to be left here since it needs to just be traded for something better on gas and more reliable.

Our 4th was relatively quiet compared to what is usually is. We usually have a really big get together but this year we were so busy with the move and getting settled that we decided to hang out quietly and just let the kids shoot off some fireworks. It rained quite a bit so we shot in between the downpours.

I did get strips for a queen sized quilt pieced this weekend, so all was not lost. I am having to search for my iron in the midst of all the boxes in the garage, so I am at a standstill until I get the seams pressed... I think I have just about decided that I am definitely going to send this one out to be machine quilted by a long arm machine---I am quilting a lap sized quilt right now and can't say I particularly like the process. I may just need more practice or to have my machine at a different height...I'll play with machine quilting on some smaller quilts. The queen sized quilt I am working on was a really easy quilt made up of charm squares. I picked up fabric for a border today after I got off work. One of my favorite quilt shops (Grandma's Calico Closet) here in Wichita has the best place for 1930's reproduction prints.....Of course, I have to get a new fat quarter of one of the reproduction prints each time I go in...

There is a marathon run of my favorite show "Dead Like Me"... it had been running all day, so I missed quite a bit. I love this show and it is no longer on air...I am going to have to find all the episodes on DVD. The thing I love the most about this show is that at the end there is usually an observation that usually makes you think about life and its meaning...I guess in the end we are all looking for meaning.

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