Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lookee who's a come a courtin'

Actually this dapper little fellow is so full of youthful bravado, I think he is more likely telling the line of cats at the window that he would kick their rears if only they weren't too chicken to come one point he had 5 cats lined up at the window as he pranced around the deck chirping quite loudly. Three of the cats got bored and left--only two remain. Of course Smokey cat has such a short term memory, he probably thought it was a new bird every time he blinked....Speckles was sitting there because it was something new to growl at.
It has been a VERY busy week -- even with the boys gone to camp. We are entering a new contract year so I was getting nervous as to whether I would have a job. I'm not sure why since I have been there over 2 years. I got the news that I actually am going to get 5 more hours and a different job duty. It really sounds great, so I am excited about it! YEAH! I really do love my job, so I am REALLY happy about all the new changes. Especially since they are all positive!!

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