Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Day

I have been feeling pretty yucky since I got back from Oklahoma. This has resulted in not a heck of a lot getting accomplished here at Casa CrazyLife except for getting the boys to football camp and then coming home and sleeping to try to get over whatever I have.

I know, cheese and whine.....

A little progress has been made on the heel flap of the Lorna's sock, but I am starting to feel like this sock is cursed. I got an inch into the heel on #2 and realized it does not look like the heel on #1. Then I looked closely at #1 and realized I did a stockinette heel. WTF?!!


The right thing to do would be to frog #1 and do it right. I am not reliving this pattern for any more time than is absolutely necessary.

So instead the socks will be fraternal twins. A pair, but slightly different. These will not be the shown off obviously since they have been the bane of my existence. The only thing saving them is they are made from knitter's crack (Lorna's Laces). The pattern is Lorna's Laces too, but shall remain my most hated pattern. I will try other LL patterns eventually, but this one was not good. AT ALL. I just want to get this pair DONE so I can move on to the Yuma (Universal Yarn) or Lorna's Laces yarns that have been calling my name. The next sock will be for cute man and will probably come form "More Sensational Socks" or the first book "Sensational Socks". Cindy is doing a pair that looks really awesome!

I am soooo glad there is no rain today. Hopefully this will remain. I should be thankful that I am not having to water the lawn, but the constant rain was starting to get a little old. Especially since it was not a gentle rain and it was accompanied by lots of thunder and lightning.

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