Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quickie post--Goals for 2009

I have been slobbering over this knitting tour website and thought I'd share. I have decided that I want to go on one of these tours in 2009. If I put it in writing, it seems to manifest itself easier. I seem to be able to actually visualize myself saving the $$$ to go if I write it consider it done.

I am also in the process of formally getting my tax id # for my jewelry and fiber endeavours. I will be calling the state tomorrow to get the ball rolling. The biggest advantage to registering as a small business is the ability to get wholesale accounts started. That allows me to buy product at prices that allow me to resell the finished product at a better price point. The downside is there will be tax records to keep if I sell to the public (you have to charge sales tax even at crafts fairs). I am going to start getting my stitch markers ready for sale at Twist and then open an Etsy shop by the end of the summer. Any advice on Etsy?

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