Friday, May 23, 2008


I didn't get a whole heck of a lot accomplished today other than adding another couple inches on the Lorna's Lace sock I've been working on. I am hoping to turn the heel and get a large portion of the foot done this weekend. I really need to finish this pair so I can move on to another pair. I blew my goal of not buying new yarn yesterday when I finally succumbed to the siren call of Cascade Fixation. I was tempted while Cindy was knitting her April sock of the month for Twist, but when Jen brought her sock into Twist yesterday and I held it, my resolve was toast...
So I bought 3 balls of fixation. Shelly had two balls of a bright mix in stock but I was afraid I would need 3 balls, which we didn't have in that color. I picked up a ball of solid purple for the heels and toes. That will allow me to stretch the variegated ones so I can knit socks that will actually cover my wide feet. I just have to remember that fixation is best when knitted relaxed--I usually pull my yarn pretty tight.

No pictures today. I figure you probably need a break from YouTube posts too. Can you tell I like browsing YouTube? There are some really excellent clips in there, but there are also some really weird ones too.

It has been pretty humid and muggy today. The boys were griping about the air conditioner not being on yet--Geez--summer isn't even into full swing. I am trying to turn it on only if we have to since I know it will be on all the time once mid June hits and it gets humid and hot. And I really don't want to give more to the electric company than I absolutely have to. Gotta save $ for the gas tank!!

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