Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Part Two

Since Blogger freezes up each time I've ever attempted to download lots of pics, here is the sequel to The Beadery post from earlier. Julie has multiple rows of beads along both sides of the bead section --organized by color. You can certainly find what you "need" for a perfect work of art. If you don't see what you want, talk to Julie. She is a wealth of info and suggestions.
Above is a picture of the beading bar. Cool, huh? You can sit at the bar and bead until you can't see straight, or sit at one of the tables to assemble your masterpiece...
Here is the bracelet I made with wire and beads on Saturday. This was so much fun! I made another one today with some beads from my stash in addition to supplies I bought today. I love being able to create my own wearable art. This applies to knitting too. I'll post a picture of the second bracelet tomorrow when the lighting is better. It is a little over the top too, but let's face it, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SPARKLE, BABY!
If you don't feel like creating your own art, Julie also has jewelry that is ready to go. Above are some of the necklaces that can be purchased--but there are also lots of earrings and bracelets that are ready to be bought.

GEEEEZZ! I sound like an infomercial...I need coffee.

Tomorrow I will blabber on about Twist since that is my Thursday hang out...Just think, at least if you hang out in a yarn store, there is usually someone around to help you knit something to cover it up. Oh, sorry, wrong kind of hanging out.

Kinda like the difference between knitter's crack and plumber's is softer and much more appetizing to fondle.

I am a little apprehensive about including that last statement, hence I find out that not everyone prefers knitter's crack.

Ok. I'm done. You can put the lock back on my cage.

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