Sunday, May 11, 2008

Slow Sunday

This has been a delightfully slow day. Hubby and I got up quite late today--I won't tell you how late. Trust me, it was late.

The boys were busy hanging out and playing video games so Hubby and I went to the library to check out the offerings there. I am making an attempt to check out library books instead of whipping out the checkbook and far it has been successful, but if I really like a book after checking it out, I'll buy it. That is the case with the bread book "Artisianal Bread in 5 Minutes a Day"--it has a good techniques and lots of recipes I will make. Tomorrow I am going to have a baking and cleaning day while everyone is at work/school. I bit the bullet and bought a Lodge 6 quart dutch oven to make no knead bread (from the New York Times), so that is a baking project for tomorrow. I love baking!

We didn't have the sock class on Saturday, but it gave me a wonderful opportunity to take a beading class with the owner, Julie. Her classes are always great! I learned to crochet beads and wire to make a fabulous bracelet. I'll post pictures tomorrow when the light is better. I am going to make myself several more of these. They were really fun to make and the results are really stunning. I got to use an Addi crochet hook and I must say, it worked wonderfully on the wire. I ended up buying one since I really like it a lot. I have some 26 gauge wire left and plan to do at least one more in the next couple days with the beads I have left over and some other beads I have around my bead box. Fun!!

I am contemplating the fact that I really need to set up studio space in our house so I have all my art supplies in one place. I have a problem with the fact that I often feel like creating something but can't locate all my tools when I need them. This is a bit stifling to the creative urge! All my paints, beads, jewelry tools, knitting supplies and etc need to be in one place. And I need a place to sit and do them....that will be my goal for May and June.

I've completely blown my plan to get back on track with my eating plan for the past couple weeks, but tomorrow I am going to get back on track. I have better luck at losing weight when I don't go on a formal diet--instead I watch portions and make better food choices like not eating fried foods when grilled foods are available, eating breakfast every morning, and watching what I snack on. Ideally I'd like to start walking each day. My success at that has been spotty.

No pictures today--I'll post pics tomorrow.

Good coffee and great friends to you and yours!

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