Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Mix..

Well, no tornadoes in my neck of the woods last night, just lots of rain. Needless to say, it has been unbearably humid all day today. I broke down just a little bit ago and turned the a/c on in order to dehumidify the house.

Jeremy and I went to the pottery studio today and did a little throwing on the wheel. Apparently the Pot Throwing Gods were a little ticked at both of us because neither one of us got anything decent.

I have decided I am going to throw some teapots this week. I haven't done teapots before, but I am having the studio owner be my "teapot throwing fairy" and guide me through this. I want to do a whole tea set eventually since I do drink a lot of tea. I think it would be neat to drink from one I've actually made.

I picked up the 14 pots I glazed earlier this week and discovered that some days the Glazing Gods are a bit pissy too...I guess it would have helped if I had actually glazed some of them in the color I had originally intended for them to be instead of trying something new. Sometimes changing to something new only disappoints. I was disappointed in at least 5 of them. The others turned out pretty good. Well, at least I know what color I'm really not crazy about...Maybe they'll look better if I fill them with M&M's...everything looks good holding M&M's. Except ex-husbands. They just look good holding child support payments. Too bad mine never figured that out...but I digress.

ANYWAY........ it is humid today so I bit the bullet and actually turned on the a/c. It is so early in the season, I am sure this is not a good sign. I might as well designate a larger chunk of change to the electric company. Darn. That cuts into the yarn budget, you know. And when there is a cut in the yarn budget, it throws the cosmic convergence of the universe off. I bet you knew that already, right? Or are you still trying to figure out what the heck I am talking about..Not to worry, my cute hubby has been trying to figure me out for almost 20 years now and it hasn't happened yet.

I really need to run over to the East side of town to do a little shopping at the World Market. I am almost out of their big jar of chocolate hazelnut spread. That can't happen.

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