Sunday, May 11, 2008

Redneck French

A friend in Oklahoma emailed this to me before we had our girls weekend in Tulsa. We drove by it during our girls weekend for a little extra laugh.

I guess this is Redneck French for "TRAILER".....and just which "tralier" is free? The one with the boat on it, or the one with the people in it? I can just see Billy Bob out there explaining that the "tralier" is free, but the boat is "gonna cost ya"...LOL.

I think the uppercase L in the center of all the lowercase letters adds an elegant degree of emphasis, don't you agree?

Thank the Lord for spray paint. Just think of all the plastic signs that are going to be saved.


Lara said...

I think the boat is named "Free TraLier." Who needs those fancy stencils when you have spray paint?

The name of the boat came from a battle cry to free the leader of the trailer park. TraLier Jones is being unfairly incarcerated. He only beat his wife daily, not hourly as she deserved. Those POleece were totally out of line when they took him to jail.

Rhonda said...

OMG!!!! TOOOO Funny Lara!!!